How to Order an Instrument

Ordering your instrument from Marcus Daniels Luthiery is very easy.
Standard Instruments
1) Are you after an acoustic or electric, guitar or bass? Click on the appropriate “Packages and Options” link.

2) In the corresponding section you’llĀ find the wood package of your choice.
3) Next you’ll pick either the Basics or the Pro package. These packages are the hardware, standard features and accessories that come with your instrument. If there are any other choices to be made you would do so at this time including: color choice, pickup position, etc. This is also where you’ll pick what style of instrument you’re after – i.e. for acoustic guitars you can pick the Super Jumbo, Jumbo or Mini. In the Electric Guitar or Bass section you can pick a Single or Double Cut-away.
4) Extras. Here’s where you can really customize your instrument the way you want.
5) Send an email to with your request and we’ll get right on a quote for you.
Custom Shop
If you know exactly what you want in an instrument and the options are not listed. If you have an idea for an instrument. If you want another type of instrument not shown on the site. Please contact Marcus Daniels Luthiery, odds are we’ll make it.
As of now Marcus Daniels Luthiery is accepting Checks and Money Orders pending clearing and of course cash. We are now accepting payment through PayPal including credit cards.