Repair Services

MD Luthiery is happy to offer instrument repair once again. Please check out the list of offered services and pricing. If you don’t see the service you require please contact us using the contact form at the side of the page.
MD Luthiery is located near Cheney, WA, just minutes west of Spokane.

Note: *Prices do not include parts unless noted.
 * Tax will be added to all services and parts not included in original quote.
*All repair work is done by appointment only.

Standard Services

  • Re-string:
    • Acoustics, Ball-End Classical and non-Trem Electrics: $10 + strings,
    • Tie-on Classical, Electric W/Trem $20 + strings
  • Dress Fret Ends: $30
  • Fret Level, Crown and Polish: $75, Maple Fingerboard + $10
  • File High Frets: First Fret $20, +$5/each additional
  • Partial Re-Fret (includes fret wire):
    • $150: 1st 6 frets; Ebony, Rosewood or other oiled fingerboard.
    • +$60 for maple or other hard finished fingerboards.
  • Full Re-Fret (includes fret wire)
    • $260: Ebony, Rosewood or other oiled fingerboard.
    • +$60 for Maple or other hard finished fingerboards.
  • New Nut or Saddle: Price per each (includes material)
    • Plastic: $15
    • Bone: $60
    • Graphite: $50
    • Other: $75
  • Re-Glue Broken Neck: Starting at $75
  • Other Services: $60/hour + materials


  • Set Up: $30 – Adjust neck relief, saddle height and action at nut.
  • Adjust Truss Rod: $5
  • Pick Guard Install (Custom Made): $60/each Prices do not include parts
  • Pickup Install Prices do not include parts
    •  $60: Under Saddle
    • $40: Soundhole W/Endpin Output Jack
    • $20: Tail Block Extension
  • Crack Repair up to 3″: $60, +$10/inch after
  • Cracked Bridge: $25
  • Plug and Recut Saddle Slot: $100
  • Bridge Re-glue: $75
  • Bridge Plate Retainer: $45


  • Set Up: Adjust neck relief, saddle height and action at nut.
    • $25: Hard Tail, String Through or Bigsby Style Tremolo
    • $30: Wilkinson / Fender Style Tremolo
    • $35: Floyd Rose Style Tremolo
  • Adjust Truss Rod
    • $5: Access in headstock
    • $8: Access in heel of bolt-on neck
  • Intonation Adjustment: $15
  • Re-wire: $60 + materials
  • Re-Solder Output Jack: $10
  • Replace Output Jack: $20
  • Pickup Install: $75 + material
  • Direct Pickup Swap
    • $20/one
    • $30/two
    • $40/three

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation, fuel prices and/or unforeseen economic circumstances. The seller, Marcus Daniels Luthiery, reserves the right to make any corrections to prices quoted due to clerical errors or errors of omission and any of the previous stated circumstances. All efforts will be made to contact the customer of said changes to confirm order.

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