What is A.S.S?

Acoustic Strap Secure is new way to securely attach your guitar strap to your acoustic guitar that is equipped with an end-pin style output jack.
That’s not too complicated but what it means is:
If your acoustic guitar has a pickup installed in it then you more than likely have an output jack that pulls double duty as an end-pin (the part that holds your guitar strap.)  The problem is the stock strap button that comes with the end-pin output jack: there just isn’t enough meat there to hold your strap securely.  Also with the stock strap button on your instrument the strap becomes worn from putting the strap on and taking it off.
In comes the Acoustic Strap Secure, or as we call it A.S.S.
All you have to do is remove the stock strap button, install the A.S.S. into your guitar strap (it may be a little snug so you may have to enlarge the mounting hole in your strap) and then screw it onto the output jack. Pretty simple.
Unlike the few other strap securing devices on the market that are designed for acoustic guitars, the A.S.S. is a single part so there little chance of losing one of many parts rendering the device useless – it is recommended to leave the A.S.S. installed onto your guitar to help reduce wear on the output jack. If you decide to remove the strap from the guitar after playing then the A.S.S. can be left on the strap so that it is not lost.
The A.S.S. is also made of solid brass, the others are made of plastic or leather and/or other fabric and plastic. No need to tell you which is more durable.
The best part is that you can play plugged in with the A.S.S. installed on your instrument. Works just as well with both straight and 90 degree instrument cables.
The only issues is that this great product only works on the end-pin style output jack. So if you want secure holding at the other end of you strap try using strap lock systems that are designed for electric guitars if you like using a strap button near the heel of the neck or there are quick release mechanisms that tie around the headstock. The A.S.S. works great in conjunction with all of these.