Electric Instruments

There are many custom guitar builders out there that build the “American Standards” and do a mighty fine job of it. Here at Marcus Daniels Luthiery we are about being different. After many years of building super-custom, one-off electric guitars, Marcus Daniels Luthiery¬†is happy to present two standard instruments: The Single Cut and The Double Cut. These instruments are completely original designs yet retain a classic body styling. The finest woods, chosen both for beauty and tonal characteristics set MD Electric Guitars apart from all others. MD Electrics are all built for superior playability and tone.
All MD Electric Guitars come standard with 1 11/16″ nut, 25″ scale length, 24 Jumbo Frets and Graphite Nut.

The MD Electric Bass is made with all the same quality and exacting standards as their Electric Guitar counterparts. The biggest goal for the Basses is to make an instrument that is easier to play and offers more tonal variation for a Bass that can play any genre of music in any setting.

  • Single Cut Electric Bass – Same great styling as the Double Cut but for the Bassist that wants to make a statement. ¬†Coming soon.
  • Double Cut Electric Bass