Update: 1/12/2024

With rising prices in postage, I have to start charging shipping and handling on the Acoustic Strap Secure.

Charges will be as follows:

Order 1-4 A.S.S. shipping is $5.50 for USPS Ground Advantage, includes tracking #

Order 5+ A.S.S. shipping is $10.40 for USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail, includes tracking #

Sorry for any inconvenience

Shipping charges are subject to change without notice

If you would like to purchase the Acoustic Strap Secure, please use the contact form to send me a message with the model and quantity and I will send a PalPal invoice. I hope to have the shopping cart back up and running soon.

Update 2-5-22: I am still looking into bringing back the Acoustic Strap Secure in its entirety but in the meantime I have a run of 38-BMini and M9-BMini that are now available for purchase directly from my website.

Update 2-22-21: The Acoustic Strap Secure is officially sold out and no longer available. If I can find a new manufacturer or another way to bring the Acoustic Strap Secure back I will. In the meantime if you would like to purchase the Acoustic Strap Secure please check Stewart-MacDonald Guitar Supply or Songhurst Guitars/The Rock Slide as they may still have them in stock.

Update 4-11-20: Due to difficulties with my manufacturer, as of now the entire line of Acoustic Strap Secure will be discontinued. I have been seeking a new manufacturer but it has been difficult to find one that will work with me on a small order basis. If anyone has any leads or suggestions please feel free to contact me so that I may continue manufacturing and selling the Acoustic Strap Secure. It has been over 5 years since I sold my first Acoustic Strap Secure. Thanks to everyone for your support.

After purchase please send us a comment including the make/model of guitar and make/model of pickup and which thread pitch you purchased so we can add it to our sizing page.

Shipping will be charged for international orders.

*Fits most “L.R. Baggs” “Fishman” and “Switchcraft” endpin style output jacks.* Strap not included.

Please remember to include your shipping address. Residents of Washington state will be charged sales tax.

The original model is 1″ in diameter and is a little easier to grab for those that want to remove the strap when storing the guitar in a case.

The mini model is 3/4″ in diameter and is for those that want a smaller profile, not quite as easy to grab but still able to remove for storage in a case.

Both models will still fit in most cases with the strap still attached.



*Acoustic Strap Secure and Marcus Daniels Luthiery are not affiliated with “L.R. Baggs” “Fishman” “Switchcraft” or “K&K Sounds” they are used solely for informational purposes.