On the move…again.

It has been a while since I have been on here and posted anything. My family is on the move again. We are staying local but in between homes right now. I am still in my shop working and will hopefully be posting new projects here quite soon. I don’t really have internet where I am at the moment so difficult to get online and post anything to my website. At this time it is much easier to post to my Facebook page and, when I remember, my Instagram. This is all leading to being back in my shop full time, hopefully by January 2022.

More and More Necks

Super busy in my shop. I have around 10 guitar necks on my bench right now, just delivered 3 yesterday and at least 15 more on my board. I have also been working on two acoustic guitars that needed restoration, really trying hard to get those done and out of my shop so I can get back to work on my own instrument builds. Here’s a couple pics from the other day. As always you can see more regular updates over on my Facebook page. <—-click here!

Content Coming Back

Starting to get content back on my page. I apologize for the quality of some of the pics. Using what I have to rebuild my site. As time goes on and I build new instruments I will replace pics as I can.

As always if you have questions please don’t hesitate to send me a message. You can also check out my Facebook page for more happening in my shop.

Updates Coming Soon

Between a faulty plugin that goofed up my site and a computer that doesn’t work I have been very behind in updating content to my site. Enough is enough! I have ordered a new computer so by the end of the month I should have all web site issues fixed. So please check back for new and updated content, links that function correctly and regular updates.

6-24-21: Started correcting issues and getting content reloaded. It is a slow process so please bare with me.


Coming up on Christmas and I am as busy as ever. I have a full roster of custom necks, ukulele, electric guitar and bass builds and some other custom woodworking projects. Been working on the shop. My table saw broke beyond repair a few months ago but did some work and trade for a vintage Craftsman table saw that my dad has restored.

If you haven’t seen yet, I am discontinuing the Acoustic Strap Secure. I may get a small machinist lathe and make them in house and continue selling them on a retail level only direct from my website. My friend over at The Rock Slide have been making the mini version in brass and nickel plate. I fully endorse his product. There is possibly bigger plans in effect for the Acoustic Strap Secure in the coming year, so please check back for that.

Thanks for sticking with me all these years. Hope to have 6 electric guitars, 4 electric bass and 3 ukuleles ready to sell next year.

Merry Christmas!