Shop Projects- Page Under Construction

On this page I will be detailing how I design and build different tools, jigs and fixtures in my shop and giving demonstration on various luthiery techniques. I will try to be as detailed as possible and am happy to answer any questions that I may not be too clear on. As always your comments and suggestions for content are much appreciated.

To begin with will be my router table. I actually built this table a few years ago. I acquired another router table in the process and so this got dismantled before my last move and has been put on the wayside since. Now that I have time I am getting it back out and working on it. I do not have much in the way of a tutorial on the building of the table top itself, so  this will be more focused on the fence.
Router Table
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I have had parts sitting around for building cam clamps for a while and have finally had a need for a couple custom clamps for gluing the bridges onto the ukuleles I have been building. I will demonstrate how I made the clamp for the soprano ukulele. The clamp for the baritone ukulele was more traditional looking but followed the same steps. I will include  finished pictures for both clamps at the end of the tutorial.
Cam Clamp
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Coming Soon…Router Table Cabinet and Bench Plane Restoration