Acoustic Strap Secure $19.95 + free shipping anywhere in the USA <— click the name to purchase.
– A strap button designed specifically for acoustic guitars with an end pin style output jack.
– Fits most “L.R. Baggs” “Fishman” “Switchcraft” and “K&K Sounds” end-pin output jacks.
– Available in Natural Brass for the Original and Mini, and in Stainless Steel, Mini only.
– Designed and distributed by Marcus Daniels Luthiery.
– Packaging* to product: 100% made the USA.

Check back soon for more new and innovative guitar parts from Marcus Daniels Luthiery.
* The bags are made in China as a USA made cost effective alternative is not currently available.


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  1. Just purchased one of your brass Acoustic Strap Secure strap retainers (kudos on the idea!) and need to ask if I should take any preventive measures to stop the Fishman saddle pickup from falling through into the body. I am not sure how the pickup is fitted to the body.

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