Charvel Re-Finish

Had a customer bring in this ’89 Charvel for a re-finish. The black and cream tiger stripe was kind of cool but for one the string ferrules and bridge inserts were painted over and the finish was sticky. The lining from the case was sticking to the end of the guitar and the back of the neck as well some dents in the back of the neck and finish worn off where it was hanging near the head stock. Not knowing what was going on under the finish I dug into it and found the original finish underneath. After some research found out that it was originally transparent purple. So that is where the guitar is headed once again. I am doing nitrocellulose lacquer instead of the polyester finish that was used in the factory. But so far the customer is super excited about the progress. Hope to be done with finish coats by the end of next week then after some drying time it’ll get buffed out and put back together.

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Concerning Acoustic Strap Secure

Due to difficulties with my manufacturer, as of now the entire line of Acoustic Strap Secure will be discontinued. I have been seeking a new manufacturer but it has been difficult to find one that will work with me on a small order basis. If anyone has any leads or suggestions please feel free to contact me so that I may continue manufacturing and selling the Acoustic Strap Secure. It has been over 5 years since I sold my first Acoustic Strap Secure. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Out of Shop

Starting Monday, January 6, 2020 I will be out of the shop serving jury duty. Will post if I am out of the shop for more than this week. If you need to get hold of me please do so through email ( or on my facebook or instagram pages.

Thank you!

Around the Shop

Been busy since I have gone full time working for myself. Building a lot of custom necks for customers. Also started 4 electric basses and 5 electric guitars. Here are a few select pictures of what I have been doing. For more up to date pictures, videos and (almost) daily uploads please find and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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Walnut fingerboards with figured maple “MD” inlay.

New Email

Been having some issues with MacMail communicating with my website hosted email so all further contact will be through I believe I have all contact forms and links updated to reflect the gmail address.

Been a While

I have been terrible about keeping my site up to date. Been traveling/camping a lot over the summer. In between I have been in the shop making progress on many projects and starting new adventures. The following pictures are just a few showing progress on the Ukuleles, carved top electric, some more necks I have built for Lynn Ellsworth Luthier Raw and other customers. I keep my Facebook page and Instagram more up to date on a daily basis so please feel free to follow me there, links to my social media should be found at the bottom of the page.

Catching Up

Been working on getting these three Ukuleles to the same point so they can all go into the spray booth at the same time. Getting close. Yesterday I got the tenor neck fit and the heel cap on. Today I shaped the headstock, drilled for tuners, inlaid my sun/moon design in the headstock, installed side dots, carved the neck and started installing frets. Also did some sanding and re-sawing.