A Happy Customer

The owner of the guitar I just finished up left me a very nice review on my Facebook page. Here it is just copied and pasted:

So I have now gotten a chance to put this guitar through it’s paces. I’m truly impressed with Marcus Daniels and his Luther abilities. I own several high end brands of guitars (Gibson, PRS, Fender, Suhr, ESP, Ibanez) to name drop a few. And not the low end stuff! USA made or in ESP/Ibanez case Japan made. And I would put Marcus ability up there with some of those. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to own one of his guitars. And hopefully possibly Two 😁.

Completed Custom Electric

Just finished up all the final details and delivered another custom electric guitar to a very happy customer!

The body is modeled after the Suhr Modern with a few tweaks.

Audio Samples Coming Soon


African Mahogany Body, Redwood Burl Top, Roasted Figured Maple Neck with Redwood Burl Headcap, Ebony Fingerboard with Roasted Figured Maple “MD” Logo and Aluminum tube side dots filled with hand turned Roasted Figured Maple, Cover plates are laminated Roasted Figured Maple and Redwood Burl.

Neck is finished with Tung Oil. Body and headcap are my go to Shellac base coat with General Finish HighPerformance waterborne finish with a bit of honey amber tint added.

25.5″ scale, 24 Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets, Bone Nut, Bolt on neck with a 12 degree back angle – this is the first tweak along with the Ibanez style headstock. Custom neck carve to match the Suhr Modern and 10″-14″ compound radius on the fingerboard.

Second tweak – body relief behind the neck pocket/heel similar to Ibanez.


Gotoh Magnum Lock Tuning Machines

LR Baggs X-Bridge Classic Tremolo with under saddle pickups

Seymour Duncan Hyperion Humbucker Set

Ibanez Dynamix10 Controls – Volume, Tone, 5-Way Blade and 2 position mini that makes 10 different pickup combinations

LR Baggs CTRL-X mixer that flawlessly mixes the passive humbuckers with the active under saddle pickups and has the ability to switch between mono and stereo output.

Around the Shop, Dec. ’22

Been a busy year! I quit my other job a year ago December 31. I have been full time in my shop making sawdust and getting projects done. Thanks to some awesome people that I met while I was still working at Woodcraft and my amazing wife for helping make this work. I finished up a custom electric guitar a few months ago and immediately got an order for another which will be 100% complete next week – pictures to come. I have another custom electric guitar that is soon to follow, in the process of final polishing now. Have an order for 11 guitar necks that I’m about half way through with another order of 13 to follow. I am working on finish on 5 customer instruments – one of which is a custom order steel string acoustic – and have 2 more that just came in to finish the building process and do the finish and final assembly and set up on. Even when I am completely done with all of that I still have 10 MD electric guitars and basses that need to be finished up. Nearly forgot, I have 3 ukuleles that are near completion that a customer saw and purchased so I have those to finish up as well.

On top of all of that you may or may not know that I have been sharing a shop with my dad for the better part of my career of 18 years. My parents have decided it’s time to downsize and will be putting their home of for sale in the spring so I will be finally building a shop at my own home. It’s been a long time coming and hopefully all will go well and will have little to no down time.

The pictured necks: All Bocote necks are salvaged wood from my friend’s shop that burned down. A custom steel string neck and a custom classical neck.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful for my family and especially my wife. Without all of her encouragement and support I would not be where I am today. Been super busy in the shop. Just finished up a batch of 10 necks for a customer and started 10 more for him. On top of that he ordered 10 more after that second batch is finished! I have 4 instruments that I did not build that I am doing the finish on and continuing finish on a custom order acoustic. Right now I am wrapping up a custom electric build and then will finish up the custom Flying V build. Sounds like I will be getting a couple more custom guitar orders soon as well.

Josh R.’s custom electric getting done.

Custom necks and bass wood body blanks for a customer.

No Images found.

Finish work.

Coming Soon…Custom Inlay

I have small quantity of 1/4″ custom color inlay dots. I am working on packaging and pricing at this time and will have this first run up for sale asap. Purple, blue and bronze will be available to start. I have plans to do green, orange, yellow, red, black and possibly white, gold and black pearl as well as an abalone substitute. Any questions, comments, suggestion please feel free to contact me with the contact form to the right of the page. Thanks!

Around the Shop, Sept. 2022

Here is a guitar I recently finished up. It is a clone of an Ibanez. This was a special circumstance as I did all the wood work and finish and the customer, who is a guitar tech at a store in Spokane Valley, wanted to do all the final assembly and set up. Specs: Sapele body in a custom transparent aqua blue (the photos don’t show the true color very well,) Koa drop top with a dark brown burst, high figure roasted maple neck and finger board with ebony “MD” logo on the 12th fret, Iluminlay side dots, 24 stainless steel frets, 12″-16″ compound radius on the finger board, and 25.5″ scale.

« of 4 »

Some of the other instruments I am currently working on for customers.

« of 10 »

Have about 10 more instruments that I am working on in between customer projects and repair work that will eventually be for sale. If interested in my work please feel free to contact me using the contact form located at the side of the page or email directly to: mdluthiery@gmail.com

Thanks for checking my stuff out!

Custom Color Dots & Inlay

I recently had a request to do dots and my logo in blue. This has lead me to venture out and offer custom color dots and inlay material for sale. Right now I still have some blue material left. Going to have some green, purple, red, pink and try to make something similar to black pearl, white pearl, gold pearl and possibly abalone and turquoise. If you are interested you can use the contact form to the left, email me at mdluthiery@gmail.com, hit up my FaceBook page here and message me. I will post once the product is available.

Around The Shop

Been very busy in the shop. I quit my other job at the end of 2021 and have been doing guitar related building and repair full time. Here’s a few things that I’ve been working on:

As always you can check out my FaceBook page here or my Instagram here for more day to day happenings in my shop. Thanks for stopping by!

Necks and Other Custom Parts

I build a lot of necks. Mainly bolt on for electric guitar and bass. I also do ukulele necks and from time to time steel string acoustic and classical. I don’t normally have time to just build extras to have for sale as I have a good back log that I am working on but would like to add the option for custom necks and other parts and services on my website. If you have an opinion about this please let me know what your thoughts may be one way or the other. I will add a custom neck page as soon as I can.