Around the Shop, Dec. ’22

Been a busy year! I quit my other job a year ago December 31. I have been full time in my shop making sawdust and getting projects done. Thanks to some awesome people that I met while I was still working at Woodcraft and my amazing wife for helping make this work. I finished up a custom electric guitar a few months ago and immediately got an order for another which will be 100% complete next week – pictures to come. I have another custom electric guitar that is soon to follow, in the process of final polishing now. Have an order for 11 guitar necks that I’m about half way through with another order of 13 to follow. I am working on finish on 5 customer instruments – one of which is a custom order steel string acoustic – and have 2 more that just came in to finish the building process and do the finish and final assembly and set up on. Even when I am completely done with all of that I still have 10 MD electric guitars and basses that need to be finished up. Nearly forgot, I have 3 ukuleles that are near completion that a customer saw and purchased so I have those to finish up as well.

On top of all of that you may or may not know that I have been sharing a shop with my dad for the better part of my career of 18 years. My parents have decided it’s time to downsize and will be putting their home of for sale in the spring so I will be finally building a shop at my own home. It’s been a long time coming and hopefully all will go well and will have little to no down time.

The pictured necks: All Bocote necks are salvaged wood from my friend’s shop that burned down. A custom steel string neck and a custom classical neck.

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