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After 2 months in a tent, the weather getting cold and having to back out on the piece of property we were going to purchase, my wife and I finally found a home. It has almost everything we were after; a large enough house, in the country with a little bit of property, only no shop. I am still sharing a shop with my dad, but it isn’t big enough for two shops worth of equipment and I don’t expect my parents to be there forever. So I have started a GoFundMe to see if I can raise the money to build a shop at my new home. Please follow the link at the bottom of this post to help out if you can and please share the link if you are able.

Also, I have a small run of Acoustic Strap Secure that I needs to be packaged and I will get that up for sale. I am also looking for a new manufacturer to bring the Acoustic Strap Secure back. It is important to me to have it manufactured in the USA but I may have to look over seas. Will see what happens.

I have not had internet hooked up to my computer in several months. Should have that remedied here in the next week or two and then I’ll be posting more often.

Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!

Click here for my GoFundMe

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