Charvel Re-Finish

Had a customer bring in this ’89 Charvel for a re-finish. The black and cream tiger stripe was kind of cool but for one the string ferrules and bridge inserts were painted over and the finish was sticky. The lining from the case was sticking to the end of the guitar and the back of the neck as well some dents in the back of the neck and finish worn off where it was hanging near the head stock. Not knowing what was going on under the finish I dug into it and found the original finish underneath. After some research found out that it was originally transparent purple. So that is where the guitar is headed once again. I am doing nitrocellulose lacquer instead of the polyester finish that was used in the factory. But so far the customer is super excited about the progress. Hope to be done with finish coats by the end of next week then after some drying time it’ll get buffed out and put back together.

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