Move Complete!

The move is done! The shop is full! Will take a while to get it organized and functional. The Acoustic Strap Secure takes priority, but I will be doing repair work and building instruments as soon as possible. I will also get back into tutorials, starting with the router table storage and dust collection.
Will be teaching again at Woodcraft in the Spokane Valley, so check their website, monthly flier and here on my site for updates.
Marc @ Marcus Daniels Luthiery

4 thoughts on “Move Complete!

  1. Hey Marc, glad to see you’re back! I am hoping to get into a guitar building class soon. I’ve been working on one using some books and net forums as guidance, but there’s no substitute for having someone to talk with!
    I went out to woodcraft last weekend and they said you were going to be doing classes again soon, any idea how soon?

    1. Sorry about the late response. I have an Acoustic Kit class starting on April 30th at Woodcraft. Goes all day Saturday and Sunday, the following Friday evening and then all day Saturday and Sunday again. The electric guitar class will be in late July and run the same hours as the Acoustic class, but the electric will be from scratch.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely take the electric class in July. So what stuff should I start acquiring for this? Fret wire, truss rod, bridge, electronics, tuners and lumber I imagine, but if you have a list or something that would be super cool. Incidentally we’re friends on Facebook now, but I don’t want to harass you with guitar questions on there haha. Thanks again. Really looking forward to it.

        1. No need to acquire anything as all wood, hardware, electronics and tools are all provided with the class tuition. Hit me up on Facebook, I check it more often than this. And I don’t mind guitar questions at all.

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