Shop Updates

Lots of stuff going on in the shop! The “Art Guitar” along with another electric are well into the finishing process. Added color to the back of the Art Guitar.CAM00322 CAM00323I also got the artwork back and transferred it to the top.CAM00345I’ve started a couple of Ukuleles. A 22″ scale baritone with Koa back and sides, redwood top and will have rosewood binding, fingerboard and bridge and a walnut neck. The other a soprano with Koa top, back and sides, rosewood fingerboard, binding and bridge and a walnut neck. The two large pieces of wood toward the back of the picture are for an arch top guitar that I will be starting on very soon. To the left is the Koa back and redwood top being joined for the baritone. On the right the Koa for the soprano.CAM00327The sides for the baritone heating up in the side bending jig. CAM00328The sides fit into the mold.CAM00329Baritone sides in the mold with neck and tail blocks in, getting ready for the kerfed linings.CAM00334Braces laid out.CAM00332Sound hole cut, bridge plate gluing on with help from the go-bar deck.CAM00333The top glued on. The diamond pieces up the center are just precautionary since the sound hole is so small it would be difficult to try and repair anything in the future if need arises.CAM00339Back gluing on.CAM00341 Rosewood end wedge installed.CAM00343Back braces laid out, top braces gluing on and sides bent for soprano.CAM00335 Bracing all glued in and shaped. Neck block and tail block in place.CAM00342 Last piece of kerfed lining going into the soprano. The baritone body awaiting binding. Fingerboards slotted for both Ukes.CAM00344Top and back gluing onto sides.CAM00346 CAM00347
I keep my Facebook page more up to date as it is linked to my phone. I will try to be more diligent keeping my web page more active from now on. Either way you can scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Facebook icon and follow me there! Both Ukes and the electrics will be for sale when complete. Please stay tuned or you may contact me for any further info. Thanks again for checking out my work!

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