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It’s been a while since I have posted anything on here, I usually post on Facebook since it is linked to my phone and makes it quick and easy. I will be more proactive in the future and be sure I post to my website as well.
Progress has been made on the two electric guitars I have been working on. The first being the “New/Old” project: All the base coats and color are on the guitar and now you can see that I am in the middle of wet sanding the finish. I have an airbrush that was given to me years ago and have never used it. The compressor never worked although a new motor was also given to me but they would not fit together. I have a new compressor and an air hose and moisture trap on the way. I have a couple tiny spots of black to touch up then it’s back to clear coats.
CAM00306The second project is the “Art Guitar.” The guitar has a few coats of clear and has been flat sanded. Just waiting on the art portion of it.
CAM00311In the meantime I have been contemplating color for the body and neck and possibly the top.
Rough drafts of the artwork:
KIMG0098 IMG_20150226_205256
I have also been experimenting with making the artwork look like watercolor. To do so I used a piece of plywood sanded out to 320, a few coats of finish and flat sanded. Then I used a black color pencil and sketched out a tree on it and followed that up with a coat of shellac. When the shellac was dry I mixed up some dye with alcohol and painted my picture.
Watercolor Experiment 1
Watercolor Experiment 2
Watercolor Experiment 3
Watercolor Experiment 4
Hopefully the artwork will be ready soon. All I can do now is wait.

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