In the Works

Kevin B.’s custom electric is coming along great. On the down hill side of things so shouldn’t be long before it’s in the spray booth. Eli’s custom acoustic is in prep for finish right now, hope to have it delivered later next month. I had it pre set up with the high and low ‘e’ strings on it and the guitar sounded great, lots of sustain and very loud, and with only two strings! Can’t wait to get it done. Still working on stabilized maple fingerboards so my instruments can go to completely domestic tone woods. New part coming out, designed right here at MD Guitars. Will be made in the USA and anyone with an acoustic guitar that has a pickup installed will want one. Last but not least, Look back here in the near future for the MD preamp for acoustic guitars. The current preamp is in use in both acoustic and electric instruments, but the box holding the acoustic preamp is being completely redesigned and will be very cool.