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Thanks to everyone that has helped keep MD Luthiery and the Acoustic Strap Secure going for the past 13 years!

Folk Fest 2017

Although I personally didn’t take any pictures this year, I spent November 11 at Folk Fest in Spokane, WA with fellow members of the Inland North West Luthiers Association. Always a good time. Got to talk instrument building with other luthiers and patrons. Handed out a lot of cards and possibly picked up some repair work. 
I had intended to have three Ukuleles finished for the show but had too many other things going on to get them done in time. However, since I did not finish them I took the time to work on them at the show. I hope to have them done by years’ end. Will post pictures of progress soon and post them for sale when complete.
New ideas coming next year so stay tuned!

Shop Upate

Been busy in the shop. Most recently had a few instruments across my bench for repair. Taking up most of my time has been preparing for a Ukulele building class I am teaching in August. 
I hope to be doing more shows, although the next one will probably be Spokane Folk Festival this Fall. 
Soon as I get a few more projects out of the way I plan on building a few instruments at a time.

Guitar Summit 2017

This Saturday I will be part of the 2017 Inland Northwest Guitar Summit. There will be music played on instruments built by local luthiers.
The show is at the Palomino @ 6245 N Lidgerwood, Spokane, WA
Doors at 6, show starts at 7. Tickets are $7/advance, $10/door. All ages.

Around the Shop

Been busy in the new shop; building shelves, unpacking, organizing. Also have been making custom necks for a local guitar company and will be making necks for another local company in the near future.
Here’s several of the necks I have made recently for Lynn Ellsworth Guitars:
First two pictured are a lacewood neck with rosewood fingerboard, 4×2 headstock and a maple neck and bird’s eye maple fingerboard with a “V” profile.
FirstLEGNecksFront FirstLEGNecksBack
This is a fretless bass neck made entirely of bubinga.
This next one is my take on the “EVH” neck with bird’s eye maple neck and fingerboard, east indian rosewood fret board markers, brass side dots and a brass nut.
These are a couple of replacement necks for some existing guitars.
I just did the inlay on this ebony fingerboard. Will be making a complete neck out of it.
This is my new binding jig that I just completed. Still have a small bit of modifications I’d like to do to it to improve performance, otherwise I have already used it twice and it works great!
BindingJig BindingJigSled

Move Complete!

The move is done! The shop is full! Will take a while to get it organized and functional. The Acoustic Strap Secure takes priority, but I will be doing repair work and building instruments as soon as possible. I will also get back into tutorials, starting with the router table storage and dust collection.
Will be teaching again at Woodcraft in the Spokane Valley, so check their website, monthly flier and here on my site for updates.
Marc @ Marcus Daniels Luthiery

Happy New Year!

It was a great year for me. Got several projects finished and started expanding out my business into new areas.
Although I have not posted anything since the beginning of November I have nonetheless been very busy in my shop.
This next month is going to be even more busy as my family and business are once again on the move. We are headed back to the Spokane area where we hope to get back on our feet again. I shouldn’t have too much down time as I have a shop to move directly into from my current shop. Also hope to get back into teaching at Woodcraft again so check back here or at the Spokane Woodcraft for available classes.
Thanks to all that continue to encourage me and my efforts.
Looking forward to the new year and all that it has to offer.
Happy New Year!