Folk Fest

MD Luthiery and Acoustic Strap Secure will be at the Spokane Fall Folk Festival today and tomorrow. Will have a couple new instruments: the mini steel string acoustic and a one string diddly bow. Will also have one of my steel string acoustics and a baritone ukulele. The event takes place at Spokane Community College.

Shop Updates

Busy in the shop processing the Acoustic Strap Secure and building several new instruments. Will post pictures soon. Most of the instruments will be for sale, one is a donation to the EWU Library annual fundraiser.

Ukulele Progress

Diclaimer: This was the first time uploading a photo from my phone directly to my website. Photo quality and orientation are what they are.
The three ukuleles I’been working on are finally closed up. End wedges/strips are next before the binding goes on, then onto finish up the necks. Two of these will be for sale soon asbthey are done. Check back often for updates, or go to my Facebook page for more updates.

38-SSMini in stock

I finally received a small batch of Mini Stainless Steel Acoustic Strap Secure in US thread so those are now active on the purchase page. Hope to have a new, more reliable manufacturer soon. 
There are still a few of each Met

Manufacturing Problems

Right now I am very low on stock of all Acoustic Strap Secure. This is due to my manufacturer being extremely behind and having some other manufacturer issues. I am currently seeking out a new manufacturer. In the meantime please see the dealers page to find a store near you or an online retailer.
Hope to have this figured out soon and will get all models back in stock asap.
Marc @ Acoustic Strap Secure

A.S.S. In Stock

I have a small quantity of Acoustic Strap Secure in stock. The holidays have nearly wiped me out. The only models I am out of stock of at this time are 38-BMini (US thread, brass, mini) and 38-SSMini (US thread, stainless steel, mini.) I will post when all models are back in stock.
New models and other great news coming soon!