Around the Shop

Been busy in the new shop; building shelves, unpacking, organizing. Also have been making custom necks for a local guitar company and will be making necks for another local company in the near future.
Here’s several of the necks I have made recently for Lynn Ellsworth Guitars:
First two pictured are a lacewood neck with rosewood fingerboard, 4×2 headstock and a maple neck and bird’s eye maple fingerboard with a “V” profile.
FirstLEGNecksFront FirstLEGNecksBack
This is a fretless bass neck made entirely of bubinga.
This next one is my take on the “EVH” neck with bird’s eye maple neck and fingerboard, east indian rosewood fret board markers, brass side dots and a brass nut.
These are a couple of replacement necks for some existing guitars.
I just did the inlay on this ebony fingerboard. Will be making a complete neck out of it.
This is my new binding jig that I just completed. Still have a small bit of modifications I’d like to do to it to improve performance, otherwise I have already used it twice and it works great!
BindingJig BindingJigSled

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